Back on Track FAQ

How do I wash BOT products?

Machine wash in warm water, use a mild detergent. Do not use fabric softener or bleach. Hang dry.

If the products are put in the dryer accidentally-

Unless you have a really hot dryer, the product(s) should remain effective. If products are put in a really hot dryer, the ceramic fibers may melt and the material will get stiff in some areas.

Can liniments be used with BOT products?

Do not use products that will generate heat. Use your own common sense to see how you or your animal reacts.

Sizing guide

How do I measure for the equine leg wraps, ie: No Bows and Quick Wraps?

Measure the length of the cannon bone – below the knee to the fetlock.

How do I measure for the horse blankets?

Using a cloth measuring tape, start at the middle of the chest, along the side of the horse to the rump, ending 10” – 12” below the dock (base of the tail). Blanket sizes are in 3” increments, starting at 66” and up to 90” for the mesh sheets; and from 69” up to 84” for the fleece blankets.

The neck cover will be the same size as the sheet/blanket you have.

How do I measure for bell boots?

The small bell boots are 4” high; medium are 4¼” high; and the large are 4½” high. They do tend to run big.


What is the difference between BOT and magnets?

The Weltex material utilizes the body’s own energy and reflects that energy back into the tissues as far-infrared wavelengths which penetrate deeper than just warmth to affect the tissues and the blood vessels, whereas the magnets utilize the magnetic field.