It is extremely important that you measure your horse BEFORE ordering a blanket. Our blankets are sized differently than winter blankets. See below for directions.


If you still have Questions send an email or message me on Facebook. My business page is fine or my personal page is Ethelyn Churchwell. We do not offer exchanges so this is VERY important!

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PHT is proud to be made in America!

MagnaCu products will yield the most benefits when used on a consistent basis. I have left products on 24 hours with no issues.

Do not use these products with any liniments that are not from PHT. PHT test all of the topicals to be used with our copper ions. If you are using a topical product not from PHT, be sure to wash the area thoroughly and wait 72 hours before applying MagnaCu products.

Tide free and gentle



Caring for your products is imperative in ensuring they last. You want to wash your products in cold water. Be sure to never use products containing bleach, dyes, fragrances, or fabric softeners. PHT recommends Tide Free and Gentle as a safe option. Let your products air dry as the dryer will ruin the copper. 



An easy way I have found is to gently spray down the product with a water hose often and let air dry that way you are not putting it in a washing machine all of the time.