Introducing the our PHT Topical Product. CuPac N Kool is a great new poultice to help in the aid of cooling legs, stifles, or anywhere you deem fit. CuPac N Kool instantly provides cooling relief. This product is safe to use under PHT Products. Wrap wet or leave dry. No timely hose off needed, easily brushes off when dry.

The tub it comes in fits very easily in your brush tray of your horse trailer and once you have emptied it you have an awesome sealable container for your own personal use!


My absolute favorite poultice to use. I have used it from abscesses-cooling legs-edema. I have one in my barn and trailer at all times. 


Single tub is 40OZ

Case is 6 40oz tubs.

CuPac N Kool Poultice