This will be a custom order unless you see a hood instock under the "in stock now" tab.


25 Strategically placed PHT magnets along the neck and shoulder area combines PHT Magnetics with Copper therapy. Copper fabric is behind the magnets. Fits great under the PHT Blanket. These have a heavy nylon zipper that allows for easy on and off. There is a panel that goes between the front legs to prevent slipping. 


Large fits- 76-80 XL-82-84 With the 10oz since there is less stretch consider going to an 82 if your horse is normally an 80.


Kool hood is UV rated and light weight

10oz lycra is heavy weight and not as stretchable. So if your horse normally wears an 80 consider going to an XL if you choose this material. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

MagnaCu Hood

Hood Color
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