There are not many products on the market for the stifle. PHT has created an amazing design. It has magnets on the inside and outside of the stifle so your horse can get maximum benefit.  These wraps are sold in pairs. They can be used when the horse is stalled, tied, or being hauled. 

We have see where people have turned them backwards and even used on the front shoulders depending on where the horse is needed the extra benefit.

This new design stifle wrap provide convenient, effective treatment coverage. 

Versatile Wrap made of Neoprene with Velcro Closures

10 PHT unipolar ceramic magnets per side lined with CuTec29®

MagnaCu™ Stifle Wrap has finally made it easy and convenient to provide magnetic and copper therapy for your horse's stifle area. Stifles are difficult to treat and maintain. Perfect for stifle injuries or edema and swelling associated with strenuous exercise and performance. Even older arthritic horses will benefit from this easy to use wrap. 

MagnaCu Stifle Wraps