Stride Animal Health

Shop their website for supplements for your horse.

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I personally have used these supplements for over 4 years now. Turbomag & Gastro pHix are given to every horse here from the performance horse to broodmare. ADR paste and powder, Engage paste and Fish Oil Factor are given to certain ones. GI Calm is a program I will use when needed and Surge is a product that stays with me even when we travel just incase I may need it for extra circulation in the legs/hooves.

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions, if I do not know the answer I have amazing resources to get your answer. On their website you can even sign up for a free consultation! 
We are truly here to help the horses live their best life. These products are safe for shows (won't test positive) and are made in a facility in the US where they only make horse feed so no worries of any harmful ingredients getting in your supplement. 

Dr. Bill Vandergrift and Dr. Jyme Nichols do an amazing job and getting the science and studies behind the products to make sure they are what they say they are. 
Check out their youtube channel here and where you listen to your podcast check out "The Feed Room Chemist".